First Paragraph of the Introduction “Hugh W. Nibley’s remarkable half-century of research, teaching, and writing made him a legend in his day. He wrote powerfully in defense of the calling of the Prophet Joseph Smith, the Restoration of the gospel and church of Jesus Christ, and the truth and historical reality of Joseph Smith’s transla- tions of the Book of Mormon, Moses, and Abraham. His writings are a trove of precious historical and doctrinal nuggets that are fascinating and inspiring to those who search for gospel truth and understanding. “In the face of Nibley’s profound insight into a scripture’s meaning or applica- tion, one is often surprised by its obviousness and simplicity. In conscious compliance with the Lord’s commandment to ‘study and learn, and become acquainted with all good books, and with languages, tongues, and people’ (D&C 90:15), Hugh Nibley left the world a body of research, writings, and speeches of inestimable value.” From the Life Sketch by his Grandson “. . . Hugh was the great-grandson of Alexander Neibauer, believed to be the first Jew to convert to Mormonism, an accomplished linguist who tutored Joseph Smith in Hebrew. He was close to his grandfather, Charles W. Nibley, Presiding Bishop of the LDS Church for many years and also Second Coun- selor to President Heber J. Grant.  Hugh’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Reid Sloan, whose unconditional love and abiding faith deeply influenced Hugh’s spiritual development . . . his religious foundation.” From Chapter Three: Ancient Documents “Few people realize that in Joseph Smith’s day no really ancient manuscripts were known.  Egyptian and Babylonian could not be read;  the Greek and Latin classics were the oldest literature available. “Few if any of the sources cited in this discussion were available {to Joseph Smith}; the best of these have been discovered only in recent years, while the citations from the others are only to be found scattered at wide intervals through works  so voluminous  that even had  they been  available to the Prophet he would, lacking modern aids, have had to spend a lifetime running them down. {Certain Book of Mormon ‘peculiar expressions,’ not found in the Bible, but found in an ancient document are said to be} a plain case of plagiarism . . . The only trouble is that the document from which the Book of Mormon is plagiarizing was not discovered until 1892.”                                website copyright 2014 Jonathan David Whitcomb
The Essential Nibley
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The nonfiction The Essential Nibley is a collection of special writings of the scholar Hugh Nibley, the acclaimed LDS authority on ancient writings and their relationships to the Book of Mormon and other modern revelations, with a life sketch by his grand- son, David Nibley. Sale: $13.43 on Amazon, on Aug 12, 2014 352 pages; paperback size 6” by 8” published Aug 4, 2014 by Deseret Book Co. compiled and edited by Marvin R. VanDam religious nonfiction ISBN-13: 978-1609079031
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